We produce round or square compression, torsion, double torsion and extension springs, hot pre setted valve springs automatically deburred, Belleville washers, elastic rings, anti-dust seals, roller bushings, flat washers, elastic nuts, pins, sheared materials, sheared and folded materials, bonded and/or assembled materials, electrical contacts.

We use Bihler presses to manufacture a complete range of flexible components for wire, strip and sheet forming. The entire production process takes place on our premises, including hot stretching, hot and cold presetting, shot peening, deburring, grinding and load testing.

Parts can be supplied with surface treatments like zinc plating, Dacromet®, Geomet®, phosphate, epoxy painting and so on.

We use a huge range of materials which goes from classic carbon steel wire for springs to stainless steel, oil hardened tempered spring steel wire, copper bronze and upon request titanium alloy.